Thursday, August 22, 2013

15 Definitions that could make YOU a "DancinMoma!"

Are you a “DancinMoma?” No, not a trained dancer, but a parent on the move with a child (or two or three) in tow. If you are a “DancinMoma”, or know one who is, you should also know that there is a certain grace these individuals possess and masterful techniques they use to weave through a typical day.

Here are a few “DancinMoma Definitions" to ponder; have YOU experienced any of these?

The Pointless Pivot
Walking into a room with purpose.
Forgetting why you came there.
Pivoting the opposite way.
Remembering why you were heading there in the first place.
Pivoting again.

The Drop, Duck and Roll
The maneuver executed while walking through the living room covered only by a small, post-shower towel and hearing a loud knock on the front door from a delivery person!!
Maneuver is normally followed by a 30 second pause behind the couch, then a cautious peek.

The Trip Walk
Walking purposefully and alone to your destination, passing people and smiling confidently, then tripping, running three steps, and continuing as if you "meant" to do that.

The Tippy Toe Toy Hop
Inadvertently stepping on a Lego® creation or small toy.
Ow! Jumping! Hopping up and down holding your toe.

Happy S”hour”er
Extremely rare, uninterrupted time in your shower that feels like a frozen drink by a beach.

The Split Side
Stepping a flat, slippery object such as a magazine (Left by your spouse, no doubt). Then, while struggling to regain your balance, splaying the legs into an unconventional split you did not know you could still do.

Laser Spy Mission
Arriving from point A to point B in a playroom without hitting a toy.

The Baby Sway Stray
That side-to-side motion used to rock your baby that you do it even without your baby.

The Hip Dip
Closing doors or drawers with your hip while carrying a child in one arm, bags in the other, and cradling a phone in one ear. (Caution: only trained ‘DancinMomas’ should attempt this.)

Mac and Cheese Mambo
Stirring (and 1, 2) providing direction, repeating that direction (and 3, 4) without “boiling over.”

The Dip & Dunk:
Bending over to pick up item on floor and shoot a basket across room into the appropriate container or basket.... Score!

The Shuffle Shovel
Holding items in arms while maneuvering your foot to collect and slide things scattered on floor into a neat pile.

Cha Cha Chew Chew
The amount of time (1,2) allowed to eat your dinner — cha-cha chew chew chew — after everyone is taken care of.

The Splam
That moment when you walk away from a conversation only to run into a door or side stage wall... Splat is what it is normally called. If your name is Pam, however, like me.... the "Splam."

Five Minute Flail Fail
The 5-minute warning that evolves into 15 to 30, or more, as you motion to
your child with flailing arms that it's “time to go!”

Please Define YOUR “DancinMoma” moments below and add to the list!



  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

    I loved this post. I don't have a little one to carry on my hip anymore. In fact, she's reached the stage where she doesn't want me to touch her in public - especially if it's a loving caress, hug, kiss, or any other type of PDA - and barely tolerates it in private. I still do the Pointless Pivot, lol! I would add the Shake, Rattle, and Roll to the list of DancinMoma moves above. I do this move after my child does or says something to annoy the bejesus out of me, and I want to strangle the daylights out of her. But I don't because I'm a loving mother (and prison orange is a horrible color on me). I wait until Darling Daughter has left the room I'm in, and I make strangling motions with my hands while rolling my eyes ceilingward.

  2. LOL! This is brilliant! At first, when I saw the header of your blog,I thought this post referred specifically to a mom who had daughters in dance -- which I wholeheartedly plan to do with my daughter when she's older -- she's only 8-months-old now.

    Well, come to find, I am a master of a lot of these moves, as are many of us moms, I'm sure. "The Cha Cha Chew Chew," "The Shuffle Shovel", I just have one question: When are these moves going to become bona fide steps recognized by "Dancing with the Stars?"